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    Our family jewelry store in Onancock is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The Eastern Shore is across the Chesapeake Bay from the rest of Virginia. It is a peninsula that is connected to Maryland but we are definitely a part of Virginia. Just ask any Eastern Shore-man. The Eastern Shore contains many quaint small towns and is an historical part of Virginia. Onancock was founded in 1680.

    In 1984, we had many calls for a plain silver bracelet to fit different size wrists. We couldn't obtain these from suppliers so we devised a method for making them and we named them Chesapeake Bay Bracelets. Our customers like to collect them, some wearing as many as twenty-five. These bracelets come in different widths and lengths and are available in sterling silver, 14K gold, and 10K gold. These are made from silver and gold strips which are cut to length, filed and buffed many times to a fine patina. They can be engraved inside with names or personal messages. We shape them to fit different size wrists. Welcome to the world of Chesapeake Bay Bracelet collectors!

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