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How to Measure


The Chesapeake Bay Bracelet is a Solid cuff, sometimes called a 'C Bracelet'


Very petite and young children usually will need a Small 5",

Average size individuals are usually a Medium 5 1/2",

Larger wrists usually take the Large 5 3/4".


*Allow 1/2"- 3/4" for the opening in the bracelet if you were to measure your wrist.* 

Example:  If your wrist measures:

                                 6" order a 5 1/2"

                                 6 1/4" order a 5 3/4"

                                 6 1/2" order a 6"

                                 6 3/4" order a 6 1/4"                                                                                 7" order a 6 1/2"   


The bracelets are handmade and as such, the opening of each bracelet may not be uniform to one another. However, they are adjustable and can be pulled out or pushed in to make the bracelet more comfortable. 

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